How Bread is Responding to COVID-19

News & Updates | 3 mins

Dignity is one of our core values, and we’re inspired by the dignity we’ve seen from those who have taken steps to prepare for and fight against this pandemic.

Here at Bread, we have gone fully remote. This is a crucial step to slow the spread of COVID-19. If everyone does their part to help flatten the curve, then we can all get through this difficult moment with dignity and grace.

While our offices are closed, Bread is fully operational and continues to be focused on providing the best possible experience for our merchants and consumers alike. Bread is in strong shape and has been built by an experienced team to weather change. We are confident that the continuity measures we’ve put in place will allow us to remain prepared to support our customers in these uncertain times.

What is Bread Doing to Protect Employees and Partners?

Staying Safe: Our primary obligation is the safety of our team, our merchants, our customers, and our community. We have been following and anticipating the advice of public health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and our local health departments.

Working Remotely: Bread has always embraced digital technology to keep our employees closely connected. Additionally, we have canceled all business travel and have postponed upcoming conferences and trade shows. Candidate interviews and new hire onboarding are fully virtual. We know that each of us has an obligation to protect those around us who might be at risk.

Focusing On Our Customers: Focusing on our customers is a core value. Even though our team isn’t in the office, we are still putting customers first to provide them the best possible experience. We’re functioning at full capacity and would be happy to address any questions you have over the phone or email. We’re 100% committed to providing both our merchant partners and consumers with top tier customer support. If you have a Bread loan and have any questions about the specifics or need to speak with us, you can contact us here. We are making every effort to protect our customers, our merchants, and our employees.

As a business, Bread has been thoughtful in the decisions we have made. Our team has been built by seasoned professionals who are working together closely. Every company will face new challenges, but we are well-positioned to lead in these difficult times.

We want to take this moment to thank all of our customers for their continued partnership. By supporting one another, we will emerge from this time stronger and more unified than before.


Josh Abramowitz
CEO, Bread